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We are a group of Technologists, Business Managers, Telco Executives and Real Estate investors that have come together to create something better for Building Owners and Customers, we wanted to create something DIFFERent.

DIFFER solutions are not a cookie cutter telco service .We customize the experience to the needs of each building, each community, each customer.


Fibre Internet and IPTV Solutions for DIFFER connected buildings, along with IoT solutions.

Tenant Portal your properties allowing your tenants to access information, services, maintenance, and more.

New or existing buildings are eligible for service.

We have no-haggle, simple pricing that your tenants will not have to renegotiate. Simple, Affordable and Robust.



Low voltage cabling and financial incentives.

Building wide Wi-Fi for your tenants and operations.

Access, Temperature, Noise and other automation solutions including camera feeds to TV for Front Door/Parking Lot.

We are connecting your building to a modern suite of MDU services..


Attention Investors:
We Have Opportunity For You.

We have secured anchor tenants with multiple buildings throughout Eastern Canada. Our Services include direct fibre solutions to MDU’s as well as CRTC Tariff Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) solutions for speed to market as we build our fibre assets. Contact us for opportunity detail.


Send us your details and we can connect.

Stop picking between expensive residential service providers for your building.

It’s time to DIFFER from the competition.